"Superior Love" was recorded at Verge studio and in Toronto, Ontario. Over the course of a few months and mostly live off the floor for the initial takes. The songs were written after a mild bout with writer's block. They came out around the time an adventure up and down the Mississippi was needed. After traveling through Nashville, Memphis, up the Mississippi and through Duluth across Superior the songs fell into the lap of the writer over a course of a few days.

John Hewitt: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

Chris Adriaanse: Bass

Trevor Fentum: Drums, Keyboards

Josh Bowman: Engineer

Ben Kent: Artwork

The recordings on "Ethereal Flower" were done at Boombox Sound in Toronto, Ontario. All recorded in a single afternoon. The songs had been written during the long process of recording and mixing "Superior Love". By the time Superior Love was finished it was almost necessary to at least include the solo recordings as they had all come out so fast. John loved the sound of the "Demo's" that he felt they were good enough for inclusion on the album. The album turned into an 18 song mountain of words covering everything from love, desperation, loneliness, a passion for the United States landscape and even a few cloudy topical references. 

John Hewitt: Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

Josh Bowman: Engineer 

John Hewitt met Peter Pankhurst while the two were performing around Toronto in 2013. After John had supplied bass for Peter's project "Vinyl Moon" the two decided to take their guitar and vocal abilities and combine the front man duties to create a rock n' roll band that had the energy and sound of the early Beatles, Rolling Stones and other British Invasion bands of the day. The band only released one EP but the tracks were reflective of their live original sound. After a few member changes they disbanded once John moved out west.

John Hewitt: Guitar, Vocals

Peter Pankhurst: Guitar, Vocals

Chris Adriaanse: Bass

John Mccann: Drums

Josh Bowman: Engineer

Ben Kent: Logo artwork

Since the early days of John's playing he began writing and recording as much possible. After several attempts at forming local bands in his home town of Sault Ste. Marie he began to branch out, playing with seasoned musicians and recording solo projects where he had more control over the  music. After releasing the album it is clear that the songs themselves at the time did not get the attention they deserved but it is still a number for the vault and something to listen to in the chronology of Hewitt's music.

John Hewitt: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Harmonica

Dave Pihlaja: Drums, engineer

Mike Severin: Drums on "Pocahontas Lips"

Tyrone Souliere: Bass on "Stay #3945"

Front cover: Design by Shaan Shouliere

Back Cover: Picture by Julia Pino

After years of playing in local bands and writing for his first band "Blackwater" the songs had been piling up and after Blackwater's debut release it was necessary for a solo recording to try and get the overflow of songs recorded. "Mealtime in Atlanta" was recorded in Sault Ste. Marie with Rusty McCarthy. Most of the track were recorded live off the floor with overdubs being performed over the following month. It was released in 2011.

John Hewitt: Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Kazoo, Bass, Harmonica

Rusty McCarthy: Lead guitars, Percussion, Bass, Chanting, Engineer

James Watterworth: Bass on "Better Times Will Come" and "Ballad of Cletus O'Neill"

Fuzed Notions: Artwork design and template

Melodie Taylor: Photography 

In the early days of performing in Salt Ste. Marie John had met and performed with many high school classmates who became bandmates not long after. The group, all under age to play in bars at the time was well rehearsed and versatile. The band performed everything from short rock n' roll tunes to extended jams taking influence from everything from the Beatles, the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa and Bob Dylan. A three piece musically and with Hannah Clement on Vocals the group was able to cover almost any vocal songs available. Once John started writing the band quickly started performing his compositions and after delegating which songs should go on the album they went into the studio.

John Hewitt: Guitas, Vocals

Hannah Clement: Vocals, poetry on "Go Girl"

Dave Pihlaja: Drums, "Poetry on "Go Girl"

James Watterworth: Bass, Sound effects on "Go Girl"

Rusty McCarthy: Lead guitar, Organ, sound effects on "Go Girl", engineer

Fuzed Notions: Artwork and design

Melodie Taylor: Photography

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